Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Do you like me? Are you following me?

I have been on a very steep learning curve for the past year. This time, a year ago on a family holiday in Greece, four over-40s had a very funny conversation about social networking. It was revealed that we really knew very little. Guy did seem to be the most knowledgeable of us all but the conversation ended in peels of laughter and a mutual vow to learn this stuff when, to Guy's horror, he logged on to read us his company's tweets, only to find that the 23 year-old in charge of this important side of company marketing, was tweeting about his weekends!

I have kept my promise: I have been working with a fabulous woman Tanja Perl of The Perl Project who advises business, small and large, of which social networks to use and how to use them. (And yes, I designed her identity and website.)
And just last week I went to a workshop with Sam Shazzam, principal of Brisbane-based social media company, Good Funny Smart who practices what she preaches by having created and continuing to run  Aldi Mum (43,000+ likes) and School Mum (22,000+ likes) which are both a source of income.
This new knowledge is not only good for my business but crucial for being a great designer for other business.

And what about you. Are you using social networking for your business and has it earned you any money yet? Are you curious about what else you can do and have the quality of tweets improved? Tell me.

I'm on Linked In, I have a Pinterest Board, I love my Facebook page.
And I have 56 likes today. I'm aiming for 100 by next blogpost! Please like me – I'm curious what can happen.

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