Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mentoring moments

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been working with Greta Bennett from QUT's Creative Industries' faculty in a mentoring role for the first semester of this year.
I remember when I was studying to be a graphic designer, I didn't really understand what the designer did – they didn't do the illustrations or the photography, they didn't write the copy… what exactly did they do?
So that's what I tried to introduce Greta to – the role of the designer.
Greta is drawn to photography so towards the end of the mentorship we worked on a few real life photography assignments. The first was for Laeta Loca and the second was for Queensland Strawberries.
Queensland Strawberries and Sarah Heath Design have created a tagline 'how do you eat your Queensland Strawberries?' and we have come up with many ways to answer this question: one being a photo essay by Greta.
You will see that Greta's photographic style is vintage so we worked together to plan the images, planning the running sheet for the day, organising any props, clothing styles – amongst other things. Here are the 9 images which will appear as A2 prints at the Regional Flavours festival for Queensland Strawberries this weekend.
Well done Greta.

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