Friday, 13 September 2013

Design in Spring

Brisbane is at its best in Spring. Fabulous clear blue skies, warm weather and… festivals.
Festivals, pretty much my favourite thing.
Right now in Brisbane we have the Brisbane Writers Festival and The Brisbane Arts Festival. Despite Campbell Newman's apparent lack of interest in The Arts, Brisbane has managed to look great and be full of inspiring stuff right now: visually, musically and intellectually.
Closer to home, The Hub continues to do a great job, curating interesting exhibitions with really high quality pieces.
In the smaller gallery right now is an exhibition by John A Robinson and Malcolm Cassidy – I loved these pieces by John.
So what does being surrounded by all this creativity mean to a graphic designer? I start thinking about collaborations, how to create projects to include people like John. How to create projects to include the student I'm now mentoring from QUT Creative Industries, Taylah Elliott.
And I feel grateful to live in a place where creativity is valued.

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